יום שני, 31 במרץ 2014

I finally got a chance to see Wall-e this weekend. I was really impressed by the mood they set in the earlier scenes. I'm not sure how I feel about the integration of a human cast. I was thrown off a bit, and it kinda took me out of the film for a moment. I started thinking about how much it would blow my mind if there was a planet where stylized people roamed around. By the time I gave up on the idea, the scene was over, and I had to rewind the film. Nevertheless, I was pumped to see a little box with binoculars have such a rich and likable personality

Observe the lethargic, yet majestic, Horned Brape. Named after a man of similar qualities, the Brape resides in humid regions of the Gianbad Islands. His distant cousins, a male and female Slink, are grooming themselves in a Pharma tree. Migrating birds, known as Da-man by the locals, utilize the Brapes vegetated back as a source of refuge

Brape sightings are rare in modern times due to it's tendency to hibernate a little over 11 months out of the year. They can live up to 350 years, and weigh up to 1200 lbs at the beginning of hibernation

The Olympics are beginning this evening and for once I'm moderatly pumped. I use the word moderatley because I would still opt for a Giants game any day. However, the events are going to be televised in prime time which I suppose is better than waiting until the next morning to get results
I want a new Olympic event next time around. I think an event that combined all the diciplines would truly test the athletes. And because it's the only event, it's very important to place well after those brutal years of training. With a name like Aquarchadsketennishootriathalifting, who wouldn't watch

I've recently been watching the Venture Bros. at length. Brock Samson is officially my new hero. Take Kronk from The Emperors New Groove, give him a machete, and a short fuse and you have Brock Samson. Epicness

When I was young my mom told me I use to sit infront of the tube and watch Star Wars for hours. I would replay it over and over, reciting the words to myself
A devoted fan, or a silent cry for help? Either way, A new hope is still in my top 3


I had a "deep clean" the other day at my dentist's request. It's a simple process where the crud and funk from under the gum line is removed while the entire mouth in numb. After the numbness went away, my jaw felt like a bear trap, my gums were sore, and my teeth resembled Gary Busey from "Under Siege"
Note to self... deep cleaning's turn people into this dude


Gas is $4.89 at a station right by my place. Unbelievable.

I checked out the new Narnia the other day, and to my dismay it fell short of the hype. Not to say that it was being praised as an above average film, but based on the previous one it was lacking in many areas for me. The Disney cheese factor was through the roof, the acting reflected a community college class, and once again the overwhelming amount of beautiful CG could not save it's poor story structure (Kinda like another big budget film I recently saw)
And is it just me, or are Susan's lips extrodinarily huge. Pretty PWNED WTFBBQ

There are a crazy number of musicians at my new place of work, and I guess they motivated me to stay up too late mixing random bits of music. I've been messing around with Mac's Garageband Application, which I must say is not at rewarding as creating everthing from scratch. They are just for s and g's, but fun nonetheless. I'm going to be posting them here: http://virb.com/docnoch

Magicians have to be the most hilarious physical actors out there. Their gestures and mannerisms are amazing. After every move there is a dramatic pose to demonstrate just how hard the action was. For example : Coppafeel

Not sure if people are aware of this, but you can actually sell your soul online the cyber way. Apparently the evil do-er has expanded his recruiting, making it just a click away.

I thought at great length about the idea. Not for consideration, but to weigh out the repercussions of doing something like that.  I came to the conclusion that even though I'm not religious in any way, and even though I don't truly believe in an afterlife, and even though I don't think there's a dude dressed in red with minotaur features and horn's aplenty on his dome wielding a pitchfork in a fiery abyss, there's no way "in hell" I'm signing on the dotted line. In fact, Cyber Devil worshiping seems even scarier than regular old "sacrifice in the attic" style. 

It's a funny read, and certainly not my cup of tea, but if you dare............ want to sell your soul

I was looking at some nice rock ref today. They were huge, and just barley holing onto their base. Dig 'em.

This guys does it too, but on a smaller scale


At the time I did this, I felt like I had been working on the same subject matter forever. Character design is definatley not my strength, however I really enjoy experimenting and exploring it
When I was a kid my dad had a drawer in the garage full of masks. Some were to filter out saw dust, etc. , and I loved to put them on with a hoodie over my head, and mimic darth vader. (but with a much higer pitched voice)

This is a painting from a drawing I did while watching a terrible episode of Wife swap. If you're not familiar with
Wife swap, consider yourself lucky. Basically the theory behind the show is "find two of the most obnoxious familiy's in America, offer their devil wive/mom the opportunity to experience the wrath of the opposing family, act as clinically insane as possible, and in the end behave like you stumbled upon the meaning of life"
It's a great feeling when you're drawing or painting and you really have no idea what's going on, around you until you look up and realize you've been watching Wife Swap for the past half hour. Brutal